October 3 to October 24, when the beach rentals are price reduced, and the municipal pool is closed but not covered up, and it’s still a month before Thanksgiving, and the threat of new syllabi is long gone, and it’s cold then it’s warm and if it’s cloudy it stays warm but then you wake to a frost…This is when we love to read a crash of new manuscripts to pull us through the season breach. 

Share a manuscript that will send us out in the world. Share a manuscript that will bring us home. Guidelines are reprised on our Submittable page. Please note an important update: we no longer require a confident and appealing ‘voice.’ We want new conversations to add to older ones we began in 1985, or 2003, or 2016, or right here, right now. Any and all forms of literature are welcome, so long as it’s buttoned up and ready to sail. 

This flash just in: Earth is not the center of the universe, and the ego is not the center of who you are. Is your speaker in the middle of every scene, center stage of every description? Maybe in some they could be more off to the side, or way in the back, or looking at the drama through a window with the reader. A few times, sure, be in the center of the frame. That’s life too. It happens to the best planets. But not all the time.